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Beenut Butta MANUKA CRUNCH - 500gm

Beenut Butta Crunch - Honey and Peanut Spread.

Enjoy our delicious Beenut Butter Manuka Crunch, made with NZ honey, including 10% of manuka honey, and peanuts.  A decadent caramel-nut taste sensation!

Use as a spread on toast or warm some up and try over your ice-cream.  Microwave to soften. 



Honeymeisters Guarantee

We have been doing what we do for a long time now. Through three generations, the process of creating amazing honey products is continually improving. We would like to think we are the best at what we do. We are really proud of the products we create. We have been sending honey overseas for over 17 years now and would you believe, not one has ever gone missing forever. One or two eventually find their way back to us with incorrect or insufficient addresses. We've also never had a product failure or worse. But we are human and can make mistakes. If there is any product or any aspect of our business that has not met your expectations, we do want to know because we learn from our mistakes. We will also make it right.

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